Priority Traffic Collision at 7927 N Orion Ave, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA

Priority Traffic Collision

Total Responding Units: 13

Additional Information

  Incident Type: Priority Traffic Collision

  Timestamp: 09-13-22 05:48 AM

  Neighborhood: Van Nuys
  LAFD Division: Valley
  LAFD First-in: 90
  LAFD Battalion: 10
  LAPD RD: 901
  LAPD Div: Van Nuys

  Latitude: 34.2150
  Longitude: -118.4708

  Address: 7927 N Orion Ave
  Intersection: W D/e Stagg St / Orion Ave

  Google Maps Link:  LINK
  LAIT911 Maps Link: LINK

LAFD Press Release

Train vs Ped - FATALITY 09/13/2022 INC#0260 - Train vs Ped - FATALITY; INC#0260; 06:24AM; 7927 N Orion Av; MAP:; Van Nuys; One person, estimated in their 40s (gender unknown) struck by (Eastbound) Metrolink train is determined dead on scene. The track is shut down for the duration of the law enforcement investigation. All media inquiries are referred to LAPD Inc# 0668 Van Nuys Division, LA County Sheriff (unknown incident number) and Los Angeles County Coroner. No injuries reported from train (unknown number of occupants) The original 9-1-1 call was received at 5:48AM. No further details.; FS 90; Batt 10; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; BC10 E239 E290 E39 E81 E90 EM15 HR3 RA39 RA81 T39 T90 UR88; CH8; 17; Margaret Stewart 09-13-22 06:24 AM

Incident Area Map

Responding Unit Activity Log

Timestamp Unit ID Unit Status
09-13-22 05:59 AM BC10 Onscene
09-13-22 05:58 AM E81 Onscene
09-13-22 05:58 AM RA39 Onscene
09-13-22 05:58 AM E290 Onscene
09-13-22 05:58 AM T90 Onscene
09-13-22 05:57 AM RA81 Onscene
09-13-22 05:57 AM E90 Onscene
09-13-22 05:56 AM E239 Onscene
09-13-22 05:56 AM T39 Onscene
09-13-22 05:56 AM E39 Onscene

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