Hazmat Response at 920 Bloom Walk, University Park, Los Angeles, CA

Hazmat Response

Total Responding Units: 22

Additional Information

  Incident Type: Hazmat Response

  Timestamp: 09-18-22 05:29 PM

  Neighborhood: University Park
  LAFD Division: Central
  LAFD First-in: 15
  LAFD Battalion: 13
  LAPD RD: 358
  LAPD Div: Southwest

  Latitude: 34.0197
  Longitude: -118.2886

  Address: 920 Bloom Walk
  Intersection: S Mcclintock Av / Bloom Walk

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LAFD Press Release

Hazardous Materials Investigation 09/18/2022 INC#1183 - Hazardous Materials Investigation; INC#1183; 05:29PM; 920 Bloom Wk; MAP: https://bit.ly/3LlJczT; #UniversityPark; USC staff has requested LAFD to investigate a pungent odor and unidentified liquid leak within a room on the first floor of the seven-story Seaver Science Center, which was calmly evacuated (unknown number of persons) prior to LAFD arrival. There were no alarm activations on LAFD arrival, and NO reports of any persons experiencing illness or injury. LAFD crews are working with USC Dept of Public Safety to assure that all persons in that multi-floor building have safely evacuated to the EAST. An LAFD HazMat team is now meeting with on-site USC scientists to methodically examine the scope and determine the nature of the odor and leak, and develop a strategic mitigation plan. At this time, there is no escalating or off-site hazard.; FS 15; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; BC13 E21 E215 E221 E294 E94 EM11 HM94 RA15 RA21 RA246 SQ21 T15 T21 T94; CH7; 13 15; Brian Humphrey 09-18-22 06:08 PM

Update Hazardous Materials Investigation 09/18/2022 INC#1183 - Update Hazardous Materials Investigation; INC#1183; 07:15PM; 920 Bloom Wk; MAP: https://bit.ly/3LlJczT; #UniversityPark; Working closely with USC staff, an LAFD HazMat team entered the first floor laboratory at the on-campus Seaver Science Center to determine the unidentified fluid that had covered nearly 40 square-feet of laboratory floor, was largely the result of a "water wash" activation, and represented no danger. An environmental survey of the area noted no other hazards. The source and nature of the pungent odor noted only prior to LAFD arrival was not determined. No persons complained of illness or injury. The scene will soon be returned to the control of USC staff for cleanup. Media Inquiries: USC Public Information Officer.; FS 15; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 9; BC11 BC13 CM20 CM22 E21 E210 E215 E221 E294 E64 E94 EM11 HM94 JT3 RA15 RA21 RA246 SQ21 T10 T15 T21 T94; CH7; 13 15; Brian Humphrey 09-18-22 07:19 PM

Incident Area Map

Responding Unit Activity Log

Timestamp Unit ID Unit Status
09-18-22 06:50 PM JT3 Onscene
09-18-22 06:12 PM E64 Onscene
09-18-22 06:10 PM CM22 Onscene
09-18-22 06:10 PM CM20 Onscene
09-18-22 06:04 PM HM94 Onscene
09-18-22 06:02 PM BC11 Onscene
09-18-22 05:48 PM RA21 Onscene
09-18-22 05:48 PM E94 Onscene
09-18-22 05:47 PM E294 Onscene
09-18-22 05:47 PM T94 Onscene
09-18-22 05:43 PM EM11 Onscene
09-18-22 05:41 PM RA246 Onscene
09-18-22 05:41 PM SQ21 Onscene
09-18-22 05:41 PM RA15 Onscene
09-18-22 05:40 PM E21 Onscene
09-18-22 05:40 PM T21 Onscene
09-18-22 05:40 PM E221 Onscene
09-18-22 05:40 PM T15 Onscene
09-18-22 05:40 PM E215 Onscene
09-18-22 05:38 PM BC13 Onscene

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Radio TX

09-18-22 05:55 PM
09-18-22 05:56 PM
09-18-22 05:57 PM
09-18-22 05:57 PM
09-18-22 05:58 PM
09-18-22 06:00 PM
09-18-22 06:00 PM
09-18-22 06:01 PM
09-18-22 06:08 PM
09-18-22 07:33 PM
09-18-22 07:33 PM
09-18-22 07:39 PM

User Contributed Information

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09-18-22 06:20 PM tank051 Unkwn Chemical Spill @ USC Building Evac Cos Trying to figure out what it is am no injuries or sick victims [verified]