Priority Traffic Collision at 92 Eb 105 Fwy, Broadway-Manchester, Los Angeles, CA

Priority Traffic Collision

Total Responding Units: 25

Additional Information

  Incident Type: Priority Traffic Collision

  Timestamp: 09-22-22 06:58 AM

  Neighborhood: Broadway-Manchester
  LAFD Division: South
  LAFD First-in: 64
  LAFD Battalion: 13
  LAPD RD: 1862
  LAPD Div: Southeast

  Latitude: 33.9281
  Longitude: -118.2813

  Address: 92 Eb 105 Fwy
  Intersection: Nb Harbor Fy / 105 Rd

  Google Maps Link:  LINK
  LAIT911 Maps Link: LINK

LAFD Press Release

Traffic - FATALITY 09/22/2022 INC#0288 - Traffic - FATALITY; INC#0288; 06:58AM; EB 105 FY x Harbor FY; MAP:; Broadway-Manchester; Eight vehicle collision with initial reports of one person determined deceased on scene (age/gender unknown) and one person trapped requiring extrication. Three additional patients are being evaluated. CHP Log # 431; FS 64; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 15; BC13 BC4 E264 E57 E64 E65 E79 EM13 HR3 RA264 RA64 T64; CH7; 13; Margaret Stewart 09-22-22 07:14 AM

Update Traffic - FATALITY 09/22/2022 INC#0288 - Update Traffic - FATALITY; INC#0288; 07:27AM; Eb 105 Fy; MAP:; Vermont Vista; Patient update: One patient was trapped between vehicles (not inside) and is being transported in critical condition. One patient (inside vehicle) determined deceased on scene. 5 additional patients were evaluated and only one will be transported with minor injuries. No ages/genders available. Any further questions are referred to CHP Log 431 for the investigation.; FS 64; Batt 13; South Bureau; Council District 15; BC13 BC4 E264 E266 E57 E64 E65 E79 EM1 EM13 EM4 EM5 HR3 RA14 RA15 RA264 RA266 RA46 RA64 RA79 RA866 RA95 T64 T66; CH7; 13; Margaret Stewart 09-22-22 07:34 AM

Incident Area Map

Responding Unit Activity Log

Timestamp Unit ID Unit Status
09-22-22 08:00 AM RA79 Onscene
09-22-22 07:47 AM RA866 Onscene
09-22-22 07:33 AM EM4 Onscene
09-22-22 07:24 AM HR3 Onscene
09-22-22 07:19 AM EM13 Onscene
09-22-22 07:18 AM E57 Onscene
09-22-22 07:15 AM E65 Onscene
09-22-22 07:12 AM RA264 Onscene
09-22-22 07:12 AM RA64 Onscene
09-22-22 07:11 AM E64 Onscene
09-22-22 07:11 AM E264 Onscene
09-22-22 07:11 AM T64 Onscene
09-22-22 07:08 AM BC13 Onscene

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