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Structure Fire

Total Responding Units: 19

Additional Information

  Incident Type: Structure Fire
  Initial Dispatch: Rubbish Fire
  Timestamp: 07-15-23 04:51 PM
  Neighborhood: Tujunga
  Address: 6554 W Quinton Ln
  Intersection: W Greeley St / W Quinton Ln

  Council District: ()
  LAFD: Valley (FS74, BC12)
  LAPD: Foothill (1659)

  Latitude/Longitude: 34.2469, -118.2748

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LAFD Press Release

Structure Fire 07/15/2023 INC#1224 - Structure Fire; INC#1224; 04:51PM; 6554 W Quinton Ln; ; #Tujunga; Detached garage with heavy fire showing, threatening a nearby home. Offensive mode.; FS 74; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC12 BC2 E24 E274 E298 E55 E89 RA74 T74 T98; CH9; 18; Nicholas Prange 07-15-23 04:57 PM

KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire 07/15/2023 INC#1224 - KNOCKDOWN Structure Fire; INC#1224; 05:13PM; 6554 W Quinton Ln; ; #Tujunga; As firefighters arrived, the single-family home was already taking exterior damage. First arriving crews quickly prioritized the home and kept the flames from running through the house. It took the first 20 firefighters 22 minutes to extinguish the fully-involved detached garage. No reported injuries. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.; FS 74; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 7; BC12 BC14 BC2 CM20 CM22 CM40 CM42 E24 E274 E289 E298 E55 E89 EM14 RA74 T74 T89 T98; CH8; 12 18; Nicholas Prange 07-15-23 05:35 PM

Incident Area Map

Responding Unit Activity Log

Timestamp Unit ID Unit Status
07-15-23 05:47 PM CE83 On Scene
07-15-23 05:20 PM CM42 On Scene
07-15-23 05:20 PM CM40 On Scene
07-15-23 05:12 PM E289 On Scene
07-15-23 05:12 PM T89 On Scene

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Radio TX

07-15-23 04:52 PM
07-15-23 04:54 PM
07-15-23 04:54 PM
07-15-23 04:57 PM

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User Contributed Information

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Knockdown [verified]
07-15-23 05:13 PM | scannerpacific icon icon
Fire extended into the dwelling [verified]
07-15-23 05:08 PM | scannerpacific icon icon
Detached garage fully involved, exposing single family dwelling. Offensive mode [verified]
07-15-23 04:56 PM | scannerpacific icon icon
Fire showing, one additional Task Force requested [verified]
07-15-23 04:54 PM | scannerpacific icon icon