Shooting Victim in Atwater Village, Los Angeles - LAIT911

Shooting Victim

Total Responding Units: 9

Additional Information

  Incident Type: Shooting Victim
  Timestamp: 08-09-23 06:40 PM
  Neighborhood: Atwater Village
  Address: Colorado Blvd & W San Fernando Rd
  Intersection: Colorado Blvd x San Fernando Rd W

  Council District: ()
  LAFD: Central (FS50, BC2)
  LAPD: Northeast (1102)

  Latitude/Longitude: 34.1417, -118.2697

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Incident Area Map

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Radio TX

08-09-23 06:40 PM
08-09-23 06:45 PM
08-09-23 06:45 PM
08-09-23 06:52 PM

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User Contributed Information

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UPDATE: One officer being transported for injuries, one refusing medical transport. [verified]
08-09-23 08:50 PM | twix
RA6 transporting suspect to local hospital. Two officers reported to have minor injuries. Officers will not be transproted. [verified]
08-09-23 08:46 PM | twix
Suspect in custody, scene is clear. Holding assignment for now. [verified]
08-09-23 08:42 PM | twix
Patient appears to have bleeding wound. Reported to be exiting previously barricaded vehicle. Complying with LAPD commands. [verified]
08-09-23 08:33 PM | twix
Suspect possibly harming self. LAFD requesting RA6 to stage near incident. [verified]
08-09-23 07:34 PM | twix
BC2 reporting suspect in vehicle, holding all units on-scene, staging. LAFD in unified command with LAPD. [verified]
08-09-23 07:18 PM | twix
Light Force 50 reporting active, dynamic situation. Police standoff, requesting companies to stage. Audio redacted for responder safety. [verified]
08-09-23 07:02 PM | twix
officer involved shooting, lafd cleared to enter. [verified]
08-09-23 07:01 PM | twix