Shooting Victim at 2009 W 67th St , Chesterfield Square, Los Angeles, CA

Shooting Victim

Additional Information

  Incident Type: Shooting Victim

  Timestamp: 09-27-23 01:23 AM

  Neighborhood: Chesterfield Square
  LAFD Division: South
  LAFD First-in: 66
  LAFD Battalion: 13
  LAPD RD: 1243
  LAPD Div: 77th Street

  Latitude: 33.9786
  Longitude: -118.3136

  Address: 2009 W 67th St
  Intersection: W 67th St x S Gramercy Pl

  Google Maps Link:  LINK
  LAIT911 Maps Link: LINK

Incident Area Map

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Radio TX

09-27-23 01:23 AM

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